Hannah (fannahbannah) wrote in welovehollister,

1. Your Name (or what you would like to be know as..) :: Hannah
2. Location :: Memphis, Tennessee
3. Gender :: Female
4. Sexuality :: Straight
5. Age :: 15
6. Single or Taken :: Single, but I'm dating
7. Favorite Things to Do :: I like to shop, a lot! Espically at Hollister.. I also play soccer everyday! I like to go out and have a good time with my friends, but who doesnt? LOVEEE going to the beach
8. Why do you LOVE Hollister? :: Hollister has the best t-shirts and skirts. Also, they have great track pants and jeans.. hell, everything at Hollister is awesome. I love the smell in the store and the music... last thing, the way you always feel like you are at the beach when you are there
9. What is your Culb Cali Status? (Red..Gold..Platnium) :: Gold i do believe.
10. How long have you been shopping at Hollister? :: about 3 years i think
11. Current Job :: I work at Brusters... its an ice cream place!
12. Favorite Music Type and Artist :: I'm really into rock, pop/punk and powerpop... its great. Gavin DeGraw is my favorite artist ever. Band? Incubus.
</b>13. What is the wildest thing you have done? ::</b> Wildest? I've snuck out 2 times in one night, just to see my (who is now ex) boyfriend. Hes great. Oh and it was about 12 when i snuck out the first time. Then i thought i should have not gone out so he took me home and stayed for about 30 minutes... then we both left and about3 or 4 he took me back home again and .. well it was a night to remember!
14. Links to Where You Promoted this Community :: http://www.livejournal.com/community/_communitypromo/
15. How did you find out about this community? :: from a friends info
16. Any last words? :: Im pretty easy to get along with, unless you piss me off. but yeah im always out to have a good time and i do wear a lot of hollister clothes... wow. kick ass
17. Picture Time (post 1 or more pictures of yourself) ::
im on the left
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