Ambre Bartle (4mb3r) wrote in welovehollister,
Ambre Bartle


Jaimie, Aj, Me (Amber) and Tyler (My bf of almost 4 months, well, let me not get into actual dates), but yes, my bf and I met at Hollister and the managers actually don't care that we date. Actually, we have another power couple that work at Hollister with us, they are going on probaly.. 2-3 months.

The boys entered the skaterace..(dark pictures, sry)

1in 5 HoCo boy's are gay or can pull off acting gay really well..

The skaterace starts.. they all fall.

but, they still win free coke tickets, so I take my bfs and pretend I won; this gets me excited.

Then it's time for ALL-BOYS-Sk8.

Aj showing off his skillz.. (The boys being.. boys; this one wouldn't save right on my computer, sry guys!)
Ryan (my hott Hco best bud, in the blue, my friends), he's a sweaty mess, but I like it.

Here in Alabama, peace signs are all the rage.

First, I am pissed; Next, Iluvhim; Finally, I show him how much with the length of my tongue.

Ant, during all boys skate, making sure to hit all the little girls hands..

Aw, COUPLE SK8. (We hold hands, when we don't know what else to do. Haha)

Ryan was throwing up peace signs while he's SUPOSE to be watching to make sure I don't bust my ass on the rink..


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